Mary Eleanor

Hi, I'm Mary.

a Digital Designer in San Francisco, CA.

    I'm a passionate User Experience Designer, naturally curious and compassionate. I love working with people and solving complex problems. I specialize in simple, elegant interfaces and front-end development. With an eye for aesthetics and a mind for puzzles; I bridge the gap between creative and analytical. I have both curated art shows and programmed microprocessors. I focus on conceptualizing ideas and creating enjoyable experiences by balancing the familiar with the innovative.

    As an INFJ or 'Advocate', I am a natural mediator in workplaces. My ability to empathize has led to a human-centered design approach towards life. I have experience working in higher education, art galleries, non-profits, youth hostels, operations management and event production. My technical ability ranges from programming interactive art installations and web design to designing user roles and mobile apps from the ground up. I'm also a crafter and triathlete with a passion for swimming, antiques and experimenting in the kitchen.

    While I'm often designing & learning, you can also find me swimming in the bay, photographing the coast or training for triathlons.