Finally! A cooking app you can actually use in the kitchen.


Problem: Current recipe apps are great to read but not useful when actually cooking. They serve as files and bookmarks, but are not useable in the kitchen, with your wet, sticky hands.
Solution: Cook Clips is an app for users of all abilities. It breaks each recipe down into simple steps; and showcases them in an easy-to-view storyboard along with voice commands that can be read aloud while the user is busy prepping and cooking. Think of it like a navigation system for the kitchen.
Timeline: UX and Design was 6 Weeks. Development is ongoing.
My Role: UX Research, Design Strategy and UI Design
Tools :  Sketch, Illustrator, Typeform, Marvel


    Cook Clips is a tablet and phone app concept for users to follow along easily with their recipes or learn simple cooking techniques. The initial idea was to have a cooking app that acts like a navigation system, reading through a recipe while the user is in the kitchen cooking. After interviewing users and watching them cook with their phones and tablets in their own kitchens, I designed Cook Clips. Cook clips is inspired by a combination of storyboarding, movie clips and navigation. It can help users of all cooking abilities in the kitchen; without them having to touch the screen with their wet/sticky hands. Cook Clips breaks each recipe down into simple steps; so that users can glance at the screen and see the recipe as a comic-strip. The steps and ingredients are read aloud in time-frame that works for each user. Future features would have videos or gifs for each step, showing details on how to cut, prep, and cook more complicated meals.