Ask an Expert is a marketplace of experts.

A Web App for students to browse already asked questions and answers and get direct tutoring help.


Problem: Instead of only connecting students with tutors in real-time, ask an Expert is an video-answering service that will build up a marketplace of answers over time.
Solution: Students can submit a compicated question, including diagrams and drawings - and get multiple transcribed, video responses. Students can browse past answers within the marketplace and if they don't find what they are looking for, connect directly with a tutor for one on one help; or await a response.
Timeline: About 30 Hours
My Role: Lean UX and design and Front-end development
Teammates: 3 Developers
Tools :  Sketch, Omnigraffle, pen/paper, HTML, CSS, and Sublime Text (Developers used: jQuery and Python)


    Ask an Expert was developed during the 2016 DeveloperWeek Hackathon. It is a marketplace of experts where students can get direct tutoring help. Users can search and view the videos or connect directly to an 'expert' for video conference question and answer sessions. We utilized the image-to-text API from HPE Haven, the Retina API to compare questions and answers, Citrix Concierge for video conferencing, the speed of Redislabs database for the images and videos and hosted with NetApp cloud ONTAP. -- We won 3 out of 5 of these challenges at the hackathon.

User Flow