Homehero is a Web App for contractors to find Job Leads.


Problem: Contractors rely primarily on agent and homeowner calls, without being able to access or assess jobs directly.
Solution: A web app that filters real estate data to help contractors find job leads.
My Role: UX Research and analysis, UI Design, Front-end Design and Development
Teammates: 3 Developers and 1 Project Manager
Tools :  Sketch, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap Framework, and Sublime Text (Developers used: Angular Js, Python, and the Retsly API)


    Because contractors, and the agents they work with, are reliant almost solely on desk drawers full of business cards, we use standard profiles and make it easy to connect. Ultimately, with Home Hero, contractors can pitch renovation jobs for a property, and the agent gets a set of bids to present to the buyer right after closing. The contractor gets job opportunities catered to their individual preferences. The agent gets a list of value improvement opportunities to present their client. The homeowner gets well-scoped proposals for their renovation project. Home Hero sets up the agent, contractor, and homeowner for success. Home Hero gathers information about pending, and recently sold listings and calculates the results based on how well they match the user, and serves them in the order of their rating. We developed a simple scoring system and a data collection feedback loop to improve our scoring algorithm over time as contractors evaluate potential jobs.